Radarin (Radarol) RAD-140 10mg 30caps


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Radarin (Radarol, RAD-140) – the drug belongs to selective modulators
androgen receptors. Radarol selectively activates the work of hormonal
receptors in body tissues, its action can be compared with the action of testosterone.
Not so long ago, the RAD 140 first appeared on the market in the US and Europe. During scientific
studies have found that this drug has a more pronounced
anabolic effect than testosterone. Moreover, it can be used simultaneously
with this hormone to minimize side effects. The drug also has
neuroprotective properties, which means that it contributes to the protection of neurons
brain from pathogenic factors, allowing brain cells to adapt to negative
exposure and receive the necessary protection.
The drug not only helps to gain muscle mass in a short time, it allows
increase endurance and increase strength and speed performance, including during
time of intense training.
The drug can be taken by both men and women, it does not affect
hormonal background and does not disrupt the functioning of the reproductive system, is non-toxic and harmless to
liver. On the contrary, studies have shown that this drug
contributes to the restoration of the reproductive system and the normalization of its work.


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