MYO+ (YK-11) 10mg 30caps


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– Blocks the production of myostatin, preventing the slowdown in muscle growth.
– Rapidly builds muscle mass, increases strength and endurance.
– SARM 3rd generation.
– Accelerates protein synthesis.
– Does not show up on doping tests

YK-11 is highly anabolic and increases protein synthesis in muscle tissue. Under its action, the muscles begin to grow more intensively, and the result persists for a long time after the course is stopped. Also, the drug is not only a SARM, but also a myostatin blocker, preventing a slowdown in muscle growth at the genetic level.

The drug is non-toxic and harmless to the liver, has no side effects inherent in hormonal drugs. Miostop YK-11 is quickly absorbed, so the effect becomes noticeable quite quickly.


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