Hygetropin biz (Hygetropin) 10fl x 10IU




Hygetropin / Hygetropin human growth hormone recombinant group. It contains a standard set of amino acids. Hygetropin is similar to growth hormone produced naturally in the body. The active ingredient in Hygetropin is somatropin. It is used to accelerate growth in childhood, during surgical interventions, as an accelerator of the healing of serious wounds and complex extensive burns. It is used by adults to achieve excellent results in the formation of a beautiful body. Hygetropin is produced by the Chinese corporation Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co., it has a GMP-certified production and a narrow specialization: the production of only recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH). It is also SFDA certified and therefore eligible to supply growth hormone for the Chinese domestic market. Hygetropin is produced in a dosage of 8 units. and 10 units. Ampoules with growth hormone Hygetropin are sealed with vacuum and the addition of an inert gas for better preservation of somatropin. One of the indirect signs of the originality of Hygetropin can be a high degree of rarefaction in the vial, due to which it is enough to insert the needle through the stopper and the liquid begins to be automatically drawn out of the syringe with water for injection.


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