Genopharm HGH Somatropin (Somatropin Genopharm) 10 fl x 10ME




The Israeli company GenoPharm decided to pleasantly surprise athletes with the release of growth hormone HGH Somatropin. This is a real find for those who want to gain high-quality muscle mass, dry out a little before the upcoming competitions, and tidy up the body. Moreover, the effects promised by the manufacturer appear after the shortest possible period of time. In fact, it is a 100% analogue of human growth hormone, which has 191 amino acids in its structure. Already today you can buy growth hormone Genopharm in Ukraine, with delivery to any city.
Growth hormone Genopharm is an ideal combination of price and quality, a high degree of purification of this growth hormone and excellent levels of growth hormone in the blood will allow you to safely receive benefits and high results when using this product for a long time, and the low price cannot but please every user.
You can read detailed and accessible information about the storage, use and proper use of growth hormone here.
Main properties of growth hormone Genopharm
– A set of high-quality muscle mass
– Powerful burning of subcutaneous fat
– Fast recovery after hard workouts and injuries
– Good dream
– Acceleration of the metabolism of the digestive organs
– Strengthening and rapid healing of problem joints and ligaments
– Rejuvenating effect
– Best price

Growth hormone Somatropin GenoPharm allows you to quickly gain the desired muscle mass and form a beautiful body relief. Thanks to growth hormone, you will be able to dry well before important competitions and effectively bring your body in order and in better shape.
The optimal dosage for an athlete would be to take 5 IU of recombinant growth hormone per day. This dosage will give you excellent results in reaching heights for any kind of sport and will allow you to take growth hormone for a long time without causing the body's resistance to the drug. Of course, a dosage of 10 IU per day will show you irresistible results, especially in the field of bodybuilding and powerlifting, but with a low degree of purification of the drug, it can quickly cause the body's resistance to somatropin and thus the effectiveness of the course will fall. For dosages above 5 IU of growth hormone per day, it is better to use cleaner drugs, such as Jintropin, Ansomon, and as practice now shows, the new Genopharm drug has a good degree of purification, which is much more pleasant in price than Ansomon and Jintropin. For drying, it is enough to take not high dosages of 2-3 units per day. After an injection of growth hormone, the peak level of somatropin in the blood occurs after 3-4 hours (at this time it is better to take an analysis for growth hormone to ensure the use of a quality drug or just to monitor the level of somatropin in the blood during the course), 4 hours after Injection somatropin blood levels will slowly fall until 8-10 hours after injection, therefore it is better to divide the daily dosage into two injections per day so that the level of somatropin in the blood is high during the day. The best time to take growth hormone is when blood sugar levels are low, which is in the morning on an empty stomach and after or during exercise (or if it's a non-training day, a couple of hours after lunch). Growth hormone shows the best results with a course duration of 3 to 6 months.


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