Gonadotropin Pregnyl (Pregnyl) 5000IU




Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is produced in the body of a woman during pregnancy and is extracted for drugs from the urine, where it is excreted in its pure form. HCG has the same effects as LH (luteinizing hormone) in the male body.
The main effects of hCG:
-Provokes the synthesis of sex hormones in the testicles, simply put, makes them work!
– Responsible for the development of the genital organs
– Stimulates spermatogenesis
– In women, provokes the release of progesterone and ovulation
In sports, its main function is to stimulate the work of the testicles, in other words, the introduction of gonadotropin on the course (when artificial testosterone or other AS inhibit the production of testosterone, thereby depriving the testicles of work) does not allow the testicles to bend or atrophy, forcing them to work, which not only saves them function, but also eliminates many side effects on the course and facilitates the process of recovery on PCT.
Dosages of 1000 IU of hCG every 5-7 days during the course will be enough to keep the testicles working, and 5000 once should disrupt them from working stagnation (you should not often take a dosage of 5000 IU of hCG at a time – this can lead to undesirable consequences)
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