Ansomone (Ansomone) 10 fl x 10 IU




Ansomone is one of the most famous growth hormones in Ukraine! It comes out as a lyophilizable powder in jars with six types of different dosages. Ansomon, as well as drugs similar to it, is also actively used as medicines, as well as an additive for the field of sports nutrition.
The drug is a 100% analog of the human hormone, as it has an identical peptide model. Ansomone is known as a remedy for burns and wounds. The hormone increases the effectiveness of intense workouts, allowing you to quickly gain the necessary muscle mass.
How to properly inject growth hormone? It is also desirable to start the solution with somatropin into the body correctly, for this we collect the required amount of the solution with growth hormone in an insulin syringe (if there is 10 IU of growth hormone in a barrel, where IU is an international unit, then dissolving it in 1 ml of water, we get 1 IU of growth hormone in 10 divisions insulin syringe for 100 divisions) &gt, choose a place for injection, the best place on the stomach, to the right – to the left of the navel by 5-8 cm &gt, take the injection site with your fingers and make a convex fold &gt, at an angle of 45 degrees, insert the syringe needle into it right into fat layer (where GH will dissolve well and quickly enter the bloodstream) &gt, slowly inject the solution for injection with somatropin, hold the needle for 3-4 seconds and remove the syringe &gt, done (do not forget about sterility)!


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